Teachers Share the Unwritten Rules of Teaching

Most of us know that there are lots of “hidden rules” in life. Don’t peek at someone’s phone screen while they’re texting. Face forward when standing in an elevator. Don’t crowd the person in front of you in line at the grocery store. We were never taught these rules in school, but we all learned … Read more

Anxiety Books for Kids, as Recommended by Educators

As teachers, of course we want to support kids however possible, and we know that their mental health plays a huge role in their school success. While we all experience worries and fears, many kids experience anxiety more acutely. The CDC reports that anxiety is the second-most commonly diagnosed mental disorder in kids, impacting nearly … Read more

How To Get an Outdoor Education Job

With more and more classrooms heading outside—and staying outside—during the pandemic, outdoor education is on the rise. Perhaps your school is toying with the idea of ​​a forest kindergarten or an outdoor learning area. Here are some ideas for where to start. As an assistant director for a forest school program in Boulder, Colorado, I … Read more

What Is ODD in Kids? What Teachers Need To Know

Third grade teacher Ms. Kim is really struggling with her student Aiden. Every day, he argues over simple things, seemingly just for the sake of causing trouble. He refuses to take responsibility for his behavior, even when caught in the act. And today, Aiden tore up a fellow student’s art project after that student wouldn’t … Read more

We All Carry Gun Violence Trauma

News continues to trickle out about the Uvalde school shooting, but in many ways, it already feels like it’s fading out of public consciousness. Summer is here. Kids are out of school, and with the threat of school gun violence feeling less possible because schools are empty, people are allowing themselves to forget. Like always. … Read more

What Is Service Learning and How Do You Plan for It?

We want our students to be independent, responsible, empathetic, and supportive. Planning a project for your students to do to help others is what service learning is all about. One year I invited two homeless teenagers from a local program into my classroom to talk with my second graders about what it’s like to be … Read more

DIY Classroom Cubbies and More Storage Solutions

Kids tote a lot of stuff to school and use a lot more while they’re there. And they need places to stash it all! If your school or classroom doesn’t have built-in cubbies or lockers, you might be looking for other solutions. These DIY classroom cubbies provide options for handy teachers who love to build, … Read more

What Is the Science of Reading?

When it comes down to it, reading might be the most important skill kids learn in school. Being a fluent reader opens up endless opportunities for lifelong learning. That’s why schools and teachers everywhere are constantly trying to improve the way they teach this fundamental skill. One phrase that’s emerged in recent years is the … Read more