• Myth #2 about Teaching ESL Grammar: Teaching Grammar Doesn’t Improve Students’ Writing.

I’ve always been perplexed by this claim by some teachers: Teaching grammar doesn’t improve students’ writing. A problem with it is that it doesn’t define what is meant by “teaching grammar” nor what is meant by “improve students’ writing.” It seems to imply that they have looked at every conceivable way that grammar could be … Read more

7 Ways Principals Drive Teachers Out

Ask a teacher how they feel about their school’s principal and watch their reaction. You may see their eyes well up with tears of gratitude. They may put a hand over their heart and whisper reverently, “My principal is amazing.” They may do one of those wobble motions with their hand, frown slightly, and say, … Read more

12 Real School Rules For Teachers You Have To See To Believe

1. Toxic positivity … or else We all know positivity goes a long way. But toxic positivity—dismissing all negative emotions or critical feedback—can breed resentment and disconnection. Take it from this educator whose principal took toxic positivity to the next level: “I worked for a school district once where the superintendent would not allow us … Read more

Top tips for teachers preparing learners for tests

In the first of a series of 3, focused on preparing students for exams, Olha Madylus shares her top activities for preparing young learners for tests. The Cambridge English Qualifications for young learners are designed to test children’s ability to understand and respond appropriately to English, not to test their knowledge of English grammar rules. … Read more

How To Become a Substitute Teacher

According to a recent Education Week survey77 percent of school leaders across the nation having a hard time hiring reported enough substitute teachers to provide adequate coverage for teacher absences. And while shortages vary by state, subject area, and even by schools within districts, one thing is certain: the value of substitute teachers cannot be … Read more